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Fit Step Pro, is a specialist manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of customized insoles; and has partnered with DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) to provide a Customized Insole Service in its 3 Columbus Stores at Dublin, Easton & Polaris.

The service offers individualized solutions for every customer and varied assortment and styles that can be customized for any shoe.

Custom insoles can help with fitness, performance, comfort, wellness and injury prevention, among other things.

During a free personal foot exam, our trained Fit Step Pro associates use cutting edge technology to assess foot types, common ailments and ensure correct feet sizing. Working with high-quality materials on our on-site equipment in-store, the associates customize an outstanding unique tailored product while you wait; enabling you to wear your new insoles right away. Furthermore, customers can have their insoles adjusted at any time after purchase, for free at any of our 3 stores.

The DSW and Fit Step Pro partnership have allowed the companies to provide this service at an incredibly affordable price with all customized insoles offered under $100.  Prices for Adult insoles start at $34.99.

Our children’s insoles are all under $20, and as part of our “Start on the Right Foot” program, kids are entitled to one free size upgrade/exchange during a 12-month period.

Why Customized Insoles?

comfort and support

Arch Support

Lifetime experience, Kunskturr deflecting Elysium

Cushioning & shock Absorption

Free Static (Standing) & Dynamic (Gait) Analysis

Customized uniquely for you, while you wait

Can be made for almost any shoe

Any add-on materials (e.g. metatarsal pads) completely free

Unlimited lifetime adjustments & DSW standard return policy


Our feet bear the weight of our entire body and our stability depends upon them. No two feet are the same, not even yours! Everyone also has a unique daily routine which directly, immediately and consistently affects one’s feet. Poor posture, prolonged running, abnormal gait, and leg structure are some of the factors that contribute to pain. When not properly addressed over time, pain can result in more permanent injury.

We recommend insoles to improve posture, to prevent unnecessary pain and to protect against cumulative strain on the feet. Just as each person has their own unique physical structure and demands on their feet, an extensive array of insoles is available with a variety of materials that can be adapted to diverse needs. For example, athletes’ insoles are made from strong materials that can withstand intense physical activity and are customized to the demands of the athlete’s sport. Insoles for those who suffer from balance issues focus on correcting the impairment and prevent warts and wounds from developing.

Insoles can also contribute to reducing and preventing disc damage, foot spurs, arthritis, and other ailments. Pain and injury caused by diseases like diabetes and vascular problems can also be addressed through the use of insoles.

One thing is absolutely clear: Insoles can benefit anyone using them properly.

Ideal Weight Distribution

Pain Reduction in Feet

Solutions for Common Feet Ailments

Proper Posture

Relief of Back and Leg Pain


DSW, the leading North American Shoe Retailer*, has partnered with Fit Step Pro, an international company founded over 65 years ago to bring a unique, truly customized insole service to its 3 stores in Columbus, OH – Dublin, Easton & Polaris.

At Fit Step Pro we do not compromise on the quality of insoles we produce, believing that you should not compromise on your wellness and comfort. We will be happy to serve your needs in a professional manner and trust that your customized insoles will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Even if you have worn other types of insoles before, we recommend wearing your new customized insoles for a few hours a day at first, increasing by approximately an hour each day, as your feet and body adapt to the change. We also offer free adjustments to your insoles at any time after purchase. We recommend that you visit one of our Fit Step Pro stores 4 -6 weeks after purchase, for a follow-up consultation to assess whether there has been any change in your feet structure, alignment or gait; and to make any adjustments, if necessary.

Start on the Right Foot

Your Feet

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Customized Insoles

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