Basketball players spend long hours on their feet, both in games and practices, where they are required to run, jump and block. Basketball players have extraordinary physical characteristics – above average height and weight, which, throughout the season, affect the load on their feet, knees and back.
The combination of challenges posed by the game, with the load on the body, often causes body pain and injury. Leaps, jumps, swift changes in direction and sudden stops require a large measure of stability and produce a heavy load on the feet, ankle joints and knees. The utilization of special shoes can help decrease loads, but they will not resolve the problem.

Custom-designed insoles stabilize the foot on the ground and prevent slipping within the shoe; they contribute to knee stability and help prevent sprains. The insole is specifically suited to the foot for the special challenges of the game and the functioning of the player on the team. The use of insoles over time will significantly contribute to the decrease in injuries and pain and may even improve playing abilities.

The use of insoles assists in the following areas:
• Support in swift changes in direction and sudden stops.
• Helps in jumping and leaping, support of the foot during landing.
• Considerable contribution to good posture.
• Maintaining knee stability.
• Helps prevent sprains.
• Prevents slipping and sliding of the foot in the shoe.

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