Cyclists are not on their feet during cycling, but despite this, the foot still plays a majorrole. The foot’s heating up, falling asleep and burning sensation inside the shoe will hamper achievements, and stability of the foot on the pedal is essential for efficient use of strength during cycling.

Insoles that are custom-designed to specific feet and to the cyclist’s personal needs will prevent movement of the foot and enable the cyclist to exert full power at first touch and throughout the ride. The insole contributes to straight, smooth, noncircular movement. Strain on the hip joints, knee joints, ankle joints and feet significantly decreases. The insole prevents the foot from falling asleep due to overload on pressure points, as well as characteristic heating up and burning sensations. Insoles contribute to cycling, improving performance and increasing your cycling pleasure.

Use of insoles helps in the following areas:
• Reduces knee pain and maintains knee stability.
• Significantly contributes to the exertion of efficient power on the pedal.
• Prevents heating up, falling asleep and burning sensations in the foot.
• Supports in straight movement.

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