High heels

Wearing high heels for long hours means pain in the feet, knees and back for most. Even if the pain disappears after resting and airing out of the feet, the damage to posture and body accumulates into various orthopedic problems. Like most shoes, elegant shoes are not personally fitted to our feet. Moreover, the soles of elegant shoes are rigid, uncomfortable and unsupportive for prolonged standing.
Women’s high-heeled shoes change the entire foot position, placing strain on the balls of the feet and on the Achilles tendon and muscle. Wearing high heels brings about a change in the angle of the ankle inwards, turning the knee inwards as well. The higher the heel, the sharper the turn of the knee, which may cause greater damage.

Insoles for high heels are adapted to everyone’s foot and skeleton structure, providing the support and correction everyone needs. In addition, custom-designed insoles decrease the load on the foot and prevent complications that may arise from wearing high heels. The softness of the insole supports shock absorption and the adaptation to the foot balances the pressures placed on each foot.
Custom-designed insoles for elegant shoes differ from sports insoles in that they are also adapted to the narrow structure of the shoe and the relative crowding in it. The special materials in its composition provide comfort and the thin insole structure do not hamper activity or detract from the elegance of the shoe.

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