One of the common reasons for ski injuries is ski boots that are not optimally tailored to the specific foot and lock the ankles. In this state, skiers must bend their knees throughout the skiing, which creates great strain. Turning while skiing exerts a heavy load on the feet and ankles as the skier bends one leg towards the other.
Custom-designed insoles help in preventing injury by supporting the foot to maintain stability of the ankle and knee. The support, comfort and warmth provided by the insoles lead to an improvement in skiing performance. Skiing differs from other sports activities both in the aspects of the surface and physical requirements. Therefore, the insoles should be suited to the activity and insoles designed for other activities should not be used in skiing.

When considering a skiing vacation, ensuring that you have the appropriate insoles and not merely professional equipment and warm clothing will enable you to enjoy the sport you have waited for all year. The last thing you want is to ruin your vacation due to injury or damage caused by skiing; you also want to enjoy the rest of your skiing vacation at the hotel. So when you are preparing for your skiing vacation, don’t forget to pack your custom-designed insoles for a safer and more enjoyable holiday.

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