All soldiers, and combat soldiers in particular, who use army boots, whether during training or prolonged standing during guard duty, on long hikes, in training sessions involving frequent running and jumping, carrying heavy loads, and other activities, put great strain on their legs, body and feet in particular.
The insoles are made of layers of polymers, each layer contributing its own particular quality to the insole, including shock absorption, support, stability, bouncing and more.
The soft, thick insoles are good for the feet and contribute to building up the body and skeleton, in contrast to army boots, which expert stress on the body. The insoles are waterproof and suited to all activities related to water.

The role of insoles in army boots is:
• Reduction in injuries such as stress fractures and sprains
• Improvement in performance and results
• Reduction in fatigue
• Prevention of back and knee pain
• Prevention of foot perspiration

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