The enormous transformations that have occurred in the physical capabilities of players over recent years enable them optimal coverage of the court and reach to every ball. During practices and games, the players must be able to perform a great quantity of dynamic movements, including: acceleration, braking, swift movements in several directions and jumps, and all this in an environment where the player must react more often than he/she initiates.
The appropriate insole contributes to the ability of the joint and foot to withstand huge strains caused by leaps and landings, to adapt to the player’s special game style and to specific foot deficiencies, decreasing situations where the increasing load may lead to injury and damage.

Insoles assist in stabilizing and preventing sliding of the foot in the shoe, contribute to absorption of shocks from landing and the ability to push in leaping. The use of these insoles over time constitutes a role in maintaining knee stability, preventing trembling and not enabling the knee to slip from the center line. In addition, they help the tennis player in prevention of stress fractures.

The advantages of insoles in tennis:
• Significant contribution to proper stability
• Support in changing directions while running
• Prevention of slipping and sliding of the foot in the shoe
• Prevention of stress fractures
• Maintenance of knee stability
• Support in sudden stops

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